Sometimes it can feel like only real estate sales people trumpet the virtues of buying a home. So, decease in real-life terms, sildenafil why is buying better than renting? Determined to find out if buying your own property has the edge over paying weekly rent, medicine we consulted the experts – people who recently bought their first properties.

  • It Creates Investment Options

If the property’s value increases significantly over the next 10 years, you may plan to sell it to buy a bigger property in the same area, which you can renovate and occupy while paying down its debt.

  • It Can Make You Money

Buying trumps renting because you are using the money you must pay for some form of accommodation on an appreciating asset.

  • It Helps Build Future Wealth

It’s a long-term investment on capital that will gain in value in coming decades.

  • It’s A Fixed Address

As a tenant, you know that you can be asked to leave at any time.Having your own home offers a sense of security because no one can decide to sell it from under you.

  • You Don’t Have To Ask Permission

When your name is on your property’s title perhaps the best perk is the freedom of hanging a frame without needing prior consent. You can make it your own, you can paint it, build extensions, do renovations. No landlords, no inspections, and we can have a bazillion pets.


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