The Bathroom Is Meant To Be A Relaxing Space, And What Could Be More Calming Than Knowing Everything Is In Its Right Place?

Bathroom storage solutions can sometimes be tricky to implement, especially when space is tight and it seems as though half-empty shampoo bottles are materialising out of thin air.

But there’s more space in those tight corners than you think. Here are 10 ways you can put your bathroom space to better use.

1. Get Hooked

Want instant storage space in the bathroom without committing to any major structural changes?

Simple. Add hooks. Perfect to fling discarded robes or towels before or after a bath, hooks are best placed within easy access to your wet areas or behind the door.

2. Give Cupboards A Growth Spurt

If you’re looking to implement a more comprehensive storage solution – and you’ve got vertical space to spare – consider installing some floor-to-ceiling cupboards or shelves.

Any wall that’s devoid of fixtures or fittings will do. Store less-frequently used items up the top and everyday items at chest-level.

3. Rethink The Sink

If floorspace is scarce, a pedestal sink can make the room feel larger because it doesn’t close in the space.

But if you’re low on storage, that empty space under the sink can seem regrettably underused.

Solution: Pick up a couple of wicker baskets from Kmart for less than $20 and place them under the sink to store rolled up towels or toilet paper.

4. Make Your Mirror Work Harder

Hanging containers can add a decorative element to your wall, as well as providing storage for your essential bathroom items.

A mirror with in-built containers? Even better. Keep your toothbrush, hairbrush and most-used cosmetics right where you need them – in front of the looking glass.

5. Let Your Shelves Float

We love floating shelves to solve storage issues – and these work especially well in the bathroom.

You can get creative with your display, mixing clean, folded towels with some of the more attractive beauty essentials and – if you’ve got room – a lovely overhanging plant.

Choose shelves with inverted brackets to wrangle loose items, like piles of hand towels.

6. Hang Storage Up Like A Picture

If you have kids, pick up this cute-as-a-button colourful storage set from Ikea for less than $20. Place it within easy reach of the little ones’ tiny arms.



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