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How To Clean Silver Cutlery


Is your silver cutlery tarnished and in need of some TLC? These helpful tips will help you clean sterling silver in a flash. 

To clean silverware, such as non-oxidised silver cutlery … more »

How To Pilot Your First Home Journey


Leading Buyers Advocate Cate Bakos Explains Why Buying Your First Home Is Not Unlike Taking Your First Overseas Trip.
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How To Get Your New House Keys & Move In With Ease


Leading Buyers Advocate Cate Bakos Pinpoints The Key Ways To Ensure A Seamless Journey To A Happy Move-In Day.
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3 DIY Jobs Even A Total Newbie Can Maste


There’s no shame in being a rookie when it comes to DIY home improvement – it’s just a matter of knowing which jobs you can tackle on your own and … more »

Want to save coin on your kitchen renovation?


To all my joinery mates out there in the residential construction game, just a heads up: I’m sorry.

I’m about to drop a couple of bombs, which will hopefully save all you … more »

Pool Care: How To Maintain A Pool


Every Backyard Pool Owner Dreads Pool Maintenance, But Banishing That Nasty Green Tinge Isn’t As Difficult As You May Imagine.
Summer pool maintenance
Regular pool maintenance will ensure your pool is ready … more »

Holiday Safe: 3 Smart Home Security Systems


It’s Summertime, Which Means You’ll Soon Be Packing Your Bags For The Holidays. But When You Do, Spare A Thought For How Strong Your Home’s Security Is.

In summer it’s easy … more »

How To Clean Your Toaster And Microwave


The Toaster And Microwave Are Two Regularly Used Appliances, However, They Tend To Be Forgotten When Cleaning The Kitchen.
Tips to clean your toaster in minutes
Burnt toast, chunks of crumpet stuck … more »

Looking To Buy? Here Are Some Handy Tips To Get You Started


From Making Sure You’re Financially Prepared, Maximising Your Search And Turning Your Wish-List Into A Realistic Goal – There’s Lots Of Things To Consider When Preparing To Buy A Home.  

Melbourne-based licensed … more »

How To Declutter Clothes With The Changing Season


While Mentally You Might Be Ready For The Changing Season Ahead, Is Your Wardrobe Ready Too? If Not, It’s Time To Set Aside Time To Learn How To Declutter Your … more »