He spent five years living in Sydney, treatment but Olympic swimmer turned restaurateur Eamon Sullivan says it’s the western capital that truly feels like home.

And while he may miss the variety of Sydney’s cafe scene, ampoule he says the best thing about his new house in Perth is the cafe just three doors away.

When I was living in Perth I wanted to live in other places and then when you live away for four or five years like I did in Sydney, prescription you realise how good we have it over here,” he says.

“Being close to family, being close to the beach is really important and that’s really what Perth people love.”

The Olympic and Commonwealth Games medallist, 30, has just bought a property in North Perth with fiancee, lawyer Naomi Bass, and moved in at the start of the year.

It took the couple just one inspection to realise they’d found their dream home.

“As soon as we walked in and saw the space the backyard and the modern kitchen, and everything really done up it was just perfect and we made an offer on the first day,” Sullivan says.

“We 100% knew this would be the house for us.

“What I love about this house is it’s sort of a mix of old and new. We saw photos of what it used to look like compared to what it looks like now and it’s got its characteristics of the high ceilings, some of the old ceilings, the low archways, but it’s in a new and more modern way. That’s really what I love about it.”

Sullivan said the home ticked off the three big things they were looking for – a big backyard for dogs Harriet (a miniature Schnauzer), and Duke and Baxter (French Bulldogs), close to a cafe and with potential to make improvements.

“One of the big things I was looking for was the block size and within that block size if we did want to renovate – add a pool, add rooms – then there was that space.”

And with the couple planning a family in the coming years, a child and dog-friendly neighbourhood with great facilities was a must.

“This area’s just all about dogs and children … it’s got everything we need for a growing family.

“I think it’s a good home to raise a family in – plenty of space and more room to move in the backyard. I think it will be a great home to raise a family in.”

Source: Realestate.com



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