It’s Summertime, Which Means You’ll Soon Be Packing Your Bags For The Holidays. But When You Do, Spare A Thought For How Strong Your Home’s Security Is.

In summer it’s easy to become complacent about security. The warmer weather encourages us to spend more time outside, and we’re more likely to leave doors and windows open, even at night.

But what about when you’re on holiday? Without you inside, your home becomes ultra vulnerable to opportunistic break-ins. Today’s advances in home security camera systems will ensure you can relax – even when you’re far from home.

Take a look at three kinds of smart home security systems you can use to protect your home in time for your summer getaway.

1. Smart home security

Smart home security is the umbrella term for what security company ADT calls interactive security – a system that you can manage through a cloud-based application on your smartphone or tablet.

A smart security system can be hooked up to wireless cameras, with sensors programmed to notify you when someone enters the home. You can also operate lights and appliances remotely.

ADT’s smart home security system operates through a cloud-based network that’s compatible with all iOS and Android devices. This system allows you to:

  • Remotely arm and disarm the system;
  • Receive instant notification of security breaches;
  • Manage and automate home appliances.

If someone breaks in while you’re on holiday, you will get an alert that your alarm has been triggered. You’ll then be given the option to have a patrol car sent around to your house to check it out.

If there are signs of a break-in, the patrol will call the police. Patrol is available 24/7 and will arrive at your property asap, so there’s no need to worry while you’re away.

2. Smart home security with live streaming cameras

An interactive smart home security solution can be integrated with wifi-connected cameras, allowing you to log in and view camera footage on your smart device, from anywhere in the world.

These types of systems obviously require a security camera system to be set-up around the home, which (if visible) acts as another deterrent to would-be thieves. Hooking your security cameras up to your home’s wifi allows you to record a live stream of the goings-on in and around your home.

The cameras can also be set up to record an intrusion when the alarm sensor is activated.

3. Smart home security with geofencing

When used in home security, geofencing can best be described as a virtual fence that helps identify when people enter or exit a defined physical location, such as the front porch or even the driveway. Geofencing is activated via a presence sensor in your GPS-enabled smartphone.




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