Leading Buyers Advocate Cate Bakos Pinpoints The Key Ways To Ensure A Seamless Journey To A Happy Move-In Day.

There are many important steps that take place between signing the contract and collecting the keys to your new abode.

However, even at this seemingly near-final stage, mistakes can still happen – and some can be costly. 

Be Quick Off The Mark

Remaining focused, having a clear idea of the next steps (and the role you play in each), and responding quickly when the ball is in your court will help keep things running smoothly.

Once the contract is signed and executed, your legal team and bank/broker will get to work on their part of the task.

Both will have important paperwork for you to sign and it’s vital that you sign and send back what they need promptly, particularly if your settlement period is short.

A fast approaching settlement needs every ounce of attention from all parties, especially the buyer.

If you are concerned about the pace or lack of communication of any of your professional service providers, pounce onto issues quickly so that your file doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Missing settlement due to inaction can cause stress and financial penalties at the very least, and possibly the property itself if things turn dire.

Be Organised And Plan Well

The final inspection is something every buyer is entitled to.

Coordinating it for 7-10 days from settlement is a good idea and this allows the vendors ample time to fix any new issues or damages.

If buyers miss this important step, they have no recourse once settlement goes through.

Planning well for the big move-in day is key.

From sorting out cheque delivery for settlement to booking in movers, an organised buyer is a happy buyer.

It is prudent to allow some contingency funds for unexpected things such as faulty appliances, small improvements, adjustments on the legal items (rates/insurances) and any settlement delays that impact your move-in date.

Don’t Forget To Celebrate!

Trying to move house without taking some time off work or having a helping hand can make an otherwise exciting day a stressful one.

And taking a moment to celebrate your achievement in style is a great way to mark this memorable milestone, especially once you’re sitting in your new living room with boxes all around you waiting to be unpacked.


Source: Realestate.com.au


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