All Hail The Verandah! It’s Veen Around Since The 1850s, Is An Iconic Feature Of The Australian Architectural Landscape, And Stars In Many Federation And Victorian-Style Homes.

In fact, having a verandah out the front is such a popular feature of Australian home design, that it’s even part of the iconic song ‘Home Among the Gumtrees’, by 70s rock duo Wally Johnson and Bob Brown.

So, if you’re searching for ‘outdoor verandah ideas’ on Google, or ‘verandah designs’ on Pinterest to complete your Aussie dream home, you’ll know there are thousands of images, and no one would blame you for feeling overwhelmed by all the options.

Here we’ve rounded up four verandah ideas from real homes around Australia.

1. Verandah ideas with seating

Traditional Queenslander homes are known for having great verandahs; they help keep the home cool in the dry season, and provide an undercover outdoor area that can be used in the tropical down pours of the wet season.

2. Large verandah designs for outdoor entertaining

A large verandah doesn’t just look good, it can enhance your outdoor living space, and can create the perfect environment for alfresco entertaining.

Like the design of Queenslander homes, historic country homes in Victoria often feature large verandahs to shield the home from the elements, and provide protected outdoor areas to relax and entertain.

The large verandah on this home in Park Orchard, Victoria, extends onto an open deck surrounding an outdoor pool, creating a perfect outdoor entertaining area in summer.

3. Open verandah designs for versatility

Unlike traditional verdandahs with fully covered roofs, modern verandah designs can be partially or completely open.

Often referred to as a ‘vergola’, modern verandahs share design elements with pergolas, and the roofing can be opened up to let light in (like a pergola) or covered back up to protect from the elements (like a verandah)

This flexibility can be achieved with louvered roofing (like plantation shutters for the ceiling) which can be opened up completely or angled to let light in, or deflect it. Alternatively, retractable awnings can be used to create a semi-permanent verandah environment.

4. Verandah ideas with pools

Contemporary verandahs can often blur the lines between verandah and undercover outdoor entertaining areas, featuring clean lines and modern down lights.

A verandah that extends onto an open deck and down to a pool is a great way to connect indoor and outdoor living areas, as well as the pool area, which can often feel separate from the main areas of the home.


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