1. French Doors

Alfresco living has become an Aussie tradition and is still growing in popularity, illness so the temptation to spend your cash on bi-fold doors exists with every renovation.

Instead of bi-folds, cialis go for French Doors.

They’re adorable and affordable and you can pick them up from your local hardware store. We love painting them white and using them side-by-side to open up onto our alfresco areas.

Tip: You can fix one of the panels to make it a French window.

2. Gas Strut Window With Servery

Who wouldn’t want a breakfast bar in their own home? We put them in all our renovations and your window choice is key.

The gas-strut window is a great alternative to bi-fold windows which are expensive and can intrude into the space when folded open.

The gas-strut opens up like a canteen window and is the perfect partner to a servery bench outside the window.

Tip: Extend the servery bench inside and add some bar stools to create an inside/outside dining table.

3. Make Stairs a Feature

You don’t need to throw your old staircase out the window when doing a reno, in fact those old staircases can become a hero feature of the newly, renovated house.

With some paint and clever use of the space underneath, you can make your old stairs come to life.

Tip: Add some Scyon wall cladding to add dimension and texture.

4. Pendants

Where would be without pendant lights? They’re a great way to update your home and are not only functional, but can very beautiful and even look like works of art.

Call an electrician and have them install your carefully-selected pendant lights in key places such as over the kitchen island, the dining table, and over the bedsides.

Tip: You can pick up stunning pendants for under $100 if you shop around.

5. Privacy Screen

A strategically placed privacy screen can offer so much more than just blocking out the neighbours.

Connected to a pergola or overhead covering, the once boring privacy screen can help create the feeling of an outdoor room.

Tip: Paint the screen the same colour as the house to make it look seamless.

6. Built-in Bench Seats

We love a built-in bench seat to create a luxe look for less.

Just get your carpenter to knock one up for you, add a splash of paint and voila!

Tip: Use a built-in bench seat with a dining table in a small room so you can push the table closer to the wall.

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